On the 21st and the 22nd of February, 16 young opinion leaders from across Norway met at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences to rethink future solutions related to physical activity. The result was two days of inspiration, lively discussions and good ideas. In addition surprising information about Norwegians activity habits were revealed. -Feel that

On April the 26th, the Activity Alliance think tank “A Breath of freshness”, met the Norwegian Health Minister Bent Høie. He was presented with ten new ideas for how he can get people out off the couch. At the same time the young opinion leaders urged the Minister to be the country’s new minister of

The Activity Alliance is a promotional partnership between seven players in physical activity, lifestyle and preventive health, which aims to get more Norwegians physically active. The Activity Alliance consists of The Gjensidige Foundation (safety /prevention), The Norwegian Trekking Association (Outdoor Life), VIRKE training (fitness centers), The Cross Country Association (cross country skiing), The Cyclists’ Association

The 10 ideas

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1. Activity Lottery of the State The people participate by documenting their physical activity. The more activity, the more tickets, and hence a higher chance to win the prize A large monthly prize, and several small prizes. Half of the prize goes to the participant; the other half is donated to a society initiative for